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Hi {{answer_26581685}}, I enjoy engaging with folks who are interested in becoming world class thought leaders, better speakers, singers & humans. If you've landed here, that's probably you. So, thank you for your interest in coaching with me. To ensure we're the right fit, please answer these next few questions. If I feel I can be of help, someone from my team will email you with next steps.

- Tom

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Often I work with large teams for conferences. If that's you, I'll ask you more about that next.

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I'm talking things like confidence, comfort being on stage, hating your voice, higher stakes events, a change in roles, difficulty organizing all of your brilliant ideas, etc.
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We're all a bit confused about something. Is it how to distill or package your ideas? What next steps to take in your speaking career? How to go from good to great?
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No one wants to sell or be sold on things that aren't really needed right now. So let's respect each other's time and be honest.

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